.Location: Plaza Singapura

Tim Ho Wan @ Plaza Singapura

We always pop by Tim Ho Wan when we visit Hong Kong. It’s the cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant in the world as they proudly proclaim. That is true if you are in Hong Kong, definitely not the case for the Singapore branches. When the branch in […]

Lipton Pop-up High Tea Bar @ Plaza Singapura

If you are a tea-drinker in Singapore, here’s something that might just interest you. Lipton has created a world-first pop up High Tea Bar here in Singapore at Plaza Singapura. I was there earlier tonight (at their kind invitation) and thought it was rather interesting. […]

Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant @ Plaza Singapura

[This was an invited tasting session courtesy of Nanxiang’s PR folks – Food News] How many have been to Shanghai and have gone to Nanxiang, one of the mandatory list of place to eat in Shanghai? I heard it’s an institution that’s over a century […]

Lao Beijing @ Plaza Singapura

One of our cousin (yes, we have lots of cousins!) did us very very proud. He got the ‘calling’ and decided to obey the ‘call’ and went to Trinity Theological College to do his Master of Divinity. We met up with his parents (our sar […]

Aji-Tei @ Plaza Singapura

On Saturday, we had dinner at Aji-Tei at Plaza Singapura because sis had to go for a combined choir practice at a church nearby. We are not sure why we ended up eating here, but we did! We are rushing for time. 😉 I had […]