100 Satays and 20 chicken wings @ Lau Pa Sat

Last Thursday night, a group of friends who have not met for a month had supper at Lao Pa Sat. We just wanted to ‘snack’ and ‘catch up’.

So, we went to Lao Pa Sat, because it was the nearer place after our fellowship at a church nearby. I can’t remember how many of us were there, but we ordered 100 satays and 20 chicken wings. Initially we thought that it might be too much, but turn out no…. we wanted more!

Everytime we come here, it seems that we end up sitting in front of Stall 8. They are kind enough to arrange the tables for us to fit all of us.

The orders came in a few plates like these ones…

We thought 20 wings were too much, but don’t they just look yummylicious!

It’s always a good time to catch up over food. Oh yes, it was also someone’s birthday!
Happy birthday Estella.

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