More… Penang Food Buffet @ Penang Place (2)

I don’t know how you start eating at buffets, but most people start with soup. I don’t. haha..
After having what I had as shown in yesterday’s photos, I started on the more liquid stuff.

This is pork ball soup. It’s done so well, I am sure you will go for seconds. or maybe thirds.

Penang food of course will have penang laksa lah…

Another penang famous food, is cuttle fish (jiu hoo) and kangkong.

Of course must also try the Hay Mee. You like lots of garlic on it? hehe…

This is fruit rojak. By the way, it’s DIY. This was not done by me, I just eat and take photos. But it’s done so well right?

I did not try everything, so no photos of other food lah. How to finish? Eat too much get fat fat also. haha…

Tomorrow will end this series. Can guess what else?

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