Ayam Penyet @ NUH Kopitiam – Kent Ridge Wing

People do go to hospital not because they are sick, but because they are hungry! haha..

Colleagues and I, we do go to NUH to have food. There are 3 main places to have food in NUH. The NUH Staff Canteen, NUH Kopitiam Foodcourt at the Main Building, NUH Kopitiam Foodcourt at Kent Ridge Wing. Wait! There’s another place, but the food is too healthy, and too expensive. Check yourself a room at NUH and you can eat their well balanced nutritional food! haha..

This is the Malay Stall selling Ayam Penyet at the Kent Ridge Wing Kopitiam.
3 of us ordered the same thing because a colleague said it was good. Yes, not bad, except for the accompanying soup which is a tad too salty.

Behind the pieces of chicken are 1 piece of fried tauhu and 1 piece of fried tempeh. The chilli is very very spicy. Even I tak boleh tahan!

By the way, penyet means flattened. Piak! Flat liao…

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