.Location: Square2 Novena

Cedele @ Novena Square

We walked around after lunch at Zhou’s Kitchen. Walking does burn away calories and make you tired and thirsty! Before we know it, we got a text message from aunt telling us if anyone’s interested for a tea break, she’s at Cedele, taking a break. […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2

This was Sunday lunch at Zhou’s Kitchen, Square 2. Aunt had some rebate vouchers from dining here previously and thought we would use it today. But we did not read the fine prints on the voucher. Vouchers can only be used on weekdays! haha.. So […]

Zhou’s Kitchen @ Square 2 (Part II)

Part II of the High tea buffet. When you sit down, you get this basket of delicious keropok!Keropokman LOVES these keropok! They go so so well with the thai style chilli sauce. yum! 😉 The drunken chicken.It was nice, but if it was colder it […]

Old Hong Kong Kitchen @ Square 2 Novena

Ms Internal Security wanted to have dinner with Dino as Dino couldnt make it to dinner the last time we met. [Actually, i think its another opportunity to try out another place :P] But we all gladly agreed as we all wanted to try out […]