Chako Restaurant

Chako @ Delivery Service

Last Wednesday, a colleague ‘msn’ the rest of us asking if we are interested in having Chako delivered. Oh why not? It was a wet wet day and not going out sounds like a good idea. So we placed orders with our colleague, who then […]

Chako @ Hong Leong Garden

Our colleague ‘pirate’ has been asking us to have lunch at Chako, one of his favourite places for Japanese food. We have been saying no because we have been very busy at work, it’s one of those places that will guarantee a long lunch because […]

Chako @ Hong Leong Garden (Part II)

Here’s Part II of the Chako lunch we had. The place is not very big, the kitchen is just behind these ‘curtains’. When you step in, it’s like stepping into some old traditional Japanese place. Anyway, back to what we ate.Here’s the Oden $16 that […]

Chako @ Hong Leong Garden (Part I)

Our colleague ‘pirate’ has been telling us about this place that he has been going. It’s a small little Japanese place at Hong Leong Garden. He has been there so often, we realise that he is on first name terms with proprietress and her daughter. […]