Newby Tea-infused Dinner Menu at ME@OUE

There are those who love good wines, those who love good coffee. Are you one of them? Maybe you totally do not like coffee or wine and like tea? There is quite a huge following of good tea lovers in Singapore. We seem to be getting exclusive access to many hard to get teas here in Singapore. More about that in other posts.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

This post is about Newby Teas and ME@OUE. I haven’t heard of Newby Teas until recently and I am surprised it is a very much awarded brand. They are out to prove that they are good and it has won lots of recognition. You can read more about them and the awards at their website:

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

My siblings live in the UK and they always bring various types and brands of tea for us when they are back. This hasn’t appeared in our happy packages yet. Ahem, I might request it from them next time. You know teas are usually cheaper in the UK.

This box of tea showed in the photo above was so fragrant. It’s something probably tea lovers will know. Inhaling the aroma before and after brewing it. I am beginning to appreciate tea more and have attended a few talks by different tea masters about tea and tasting them. Glad to know about this brand too.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

Many first for this post. This was also my first time at ME@OUE and I just realised this place is not a fusion food place as I thought it was. It has an open kitchen concept (seen above) but it’s 3 different kitchens serving Japanese, French and Chinese cuisine. You can order from any of them, but it’s not fusion of the three.

ME@OUE is on the top floor of OUE Bayfront. The view from here is awesome, you can enjoy the beauty of Marina Bay and the new downtown area. Another place to bring the family for some special occasion meals or just a date with the wife.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

Butter fanatics in Singapore would love to know the butter they use here. Look above!
Spread a thick layer on their warm rolls!

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUENewby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

I was at ME@OUE to try a specially crafted tea-infused dinner menu. It’s prepared by French Executive Chef Jérémy Gillon (left) and Pastry Chef Nicolas Vergnole (right), they worked magic and the following photos are what I had.

First Course:

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE
Foie Gras Terrine, Mango and Strawberry Tea infused Vinegar Syrup. Mango and Strawberry Tea Gelée and Roasted Strawberries

The first dish consist of 2 plates. Foie Gras fans would love this. The Foie Gras Terrine that was very rich was nicely balanced off with the tea infused vinegar syrup. Spreading it on the warm roll was quite a delight.

Roasted strawberries are interesting. I always have my strawberries fresh and haven’t tasted the roasted version for some time is a nice treat to the tongue. Roasting strawberries lets out some acid and it sure cut through the richness of the terrine.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

The Mango and Strawberry Tea Espuma

The tea that has gone through the espuma or gassed looks quite captivating! The pink in it makes it so pretty as well. It was like a little fun added into the whole dining experience. The bubbles burst as you scoop it up, so you got to scoop up a full teaspoon and let it pop in your mouth.

Here’s a short Instagram video I took. You will know what I mean by the bubble bursting as you scoop it.

The most common tea-infused food we have would be the ‘cha ye dan’. Having the mango and strawberry tea infused into vinegar syrup, gelée or the espuma really makes it an interesting dining experience.

Second Course:

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE
Beef Tartar with Smoked Beetroot, Toasted Peanuts, Lapsang Souchong and Beef Consommé Gelée

This dish sure doesn’t look like any beef tartar that I have tasted. First thing that came to my mind, it’s so beautiful. It indeed was! Looks elegant doesn’t it?

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

I can’t help not taking a few more photos to show it off! A slide of beet and basil as seen from the top. Now the 3 dots are the Lapsang Souchong and Beef Consommé Gelée. I bought some Lapsang Souchong 2-3 years ago and really could not take the smokiness. It was too strong and even after diluting it, I could not take more than 2 mouths of it.

Now, the chefs have mixed Lapsang Souchong with Beef Consommé and this was acceptable, more than acceptable that I think I know what I can do with the Lapsang Souchong at home, that’s if it’s still in good condition.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

If I remembered correctly, I heard that the tartar was wrapped around by a thin layer of veal. You can see the texture and the hand chopped beef in it. If you love beef tartar, you might like how it’s prepared here for this special menu.

Third Course:

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

Now we move on to the next course, the Steamed Dorade. The service staff pours the warm stock after the fish is served to you. Never fails to wow people or people with phones who will take photos of it!

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE
Steamed Dorade, Fruity Berries Tea infused Balsamic Vinegar, Black Radish Skin Celeriac, White Cabbage, Buckwheat Seeds

If you like Dorade or also known as bream, this might look plain, but wait till you try it. It was served to the ladies first. When I got it and was told how to eat it, it really brought out the texture, aroma and taste of both the fish and the tea.

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

Chef said we were suppose to put into our mouth first the tea spoon. It was a mixture of baked buckwheat and the balsamic vinegar that has been infused with the fruity berries tea. The burst of flavour and texture hits you immediately as you put it in your mouth.

I tried to save some of it and only had half of it. I then use the same spoon to scoop up bits of the fish. It was so delightful. The soft and tenderly steamed dorade was just a delight to have with the balsamic vinegar. Wait, there’s more! On top of the fish were bits of salted fruity berries tea bits. More aroma from the berries on the fish.

Fourth Course:

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE
Strawberry Tart Moderne – Sable Bretton,  Jasmine Tea Chantilly, Strawberry Variation, Jasmine Tea Sorbet

The dessert by Pastry Chef Nicolas Vergnole is just beautiful! So photogenic isn’t it? It’s a Jasmine Tea and strawberries show off in the ingredients. It’s also to show off what the Pastry Chef can do and more!

Newby Tea-infused Culinary Delights at ME@OUE

Just another way of presenting a strawberry tart. It reminds me of the competition my sis and I participated in and we were taught how to make these things by different chefs. It’s so time consuming to prepare all the individual items – making the sable bretton, the sponge, the chantilly, the puree, the sorbet etc. If you don’t have patience, just eat it here!

If you want to try this same medley of 4 course meal that I had, it’s only available in the month of September. It’s only available for dinner service. There’s about half a month more to try it.

It is served at $125 per person. Call and book if you know someone who will appreciate good French food and some good tea used to infused the food.

50 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049321

Tel: +65 6634 4555

Special thanks to the folks at ME@OUE and Newby Teas for the invitation to try this.

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