Sean Kee Duck Rice @ Geylang Lorong 35

We used to come to this place, all the way in Geylang from our office in the western side of Singapore. We liked this place because one of our colleagues grew up eating it and the previous older uncle (who has since retired) was still manning the stall.

That colleague has left us for a few years but we suddenly thought of him because of some project that he did, at the same time we thought of having duck rice as well. So we went all the way to Geylang to have some delicious duck.

Sean Kee Duck Rice @ Geylang Lorong 35

The stall still looks the same. The older uncle is not at the stall, but it’s his sons taking over now.
We are not sure how long the uncle has retired since we haven’t been visiting.

One colleague ordered (so I am not sure whether it was a portion for 6 of us or was it a whole duck). We were too hungry and wanted to eat.

Sean Kee Duck Rice @ Geylang Lorong 35

The rice still looks the same. Nice grainy yam rice with the bit of ‘lor’ over it.
The soup is still the herbal taste sweetish and salty soup. Some like it, some don’t.

Sean Kee Duck Rice @ Geylang Lorong 35

The first platter that served to us was the sides of tofu, tau kwa, eggs, and other innards of the duck. It was tasty as we started eating. Some things that we don’t know what it was, but we just ate it because it tasted nice on the first bite! We did not ask because the all looked busy and we did not want to disturb them.

Yes, every platter served was covered with the thick yummy gooey braised sauce.

Sean Kee Duck Rice @ Geylang Lorong 35

Finally the duck arrived. Nicely chopped duck arranged flat on a bed of cucumbers and bean sprouts. There’s some braised peanuts too on the sides. The wonderful braised sauce poured all over. It’s still as dark and messy as ever! It’s not as salty as it looks, but a little on the sweet side.

The duck was still tender as ever and it goes well with the braised sauce. Put some duck, a few  bean sprouts, cucumber on your rice and slurp it down. Something very comforting for those who loves braised sauces over their rice.
 The taste is almost the same as we remembered it to be, maybe the older uncle’s version might be more fragrant. We did notice the younger boss now is more generous with the meat. Sometimes we appreciate the quantity when we are really hungry.

Still a place that we will come back for braised duck when we are not so busy and can travel further to eat. Colleague paid around $50 for our meal.

Sean Kee Duck Rice
659 Lorong 35 Geylang Road
Singapore 389589

 Hours: Daily from 11 am till 7 pm

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