Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

The wife and I finally got to try Kay Lee’s $2 million recipe roast meat!
We were not too far from the area a few weeks ago and thought why not pop by to have an early dinner. We won’t normally travel half the island just to try it.

It was around 5 pm and there was a few tables of customers there.
It’s on a row of old shop houses and the surrounding area are mix of modern and old factories.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

Their recipe and story and history of it, you can read it all in Leslie’s post that he wrote in 2007.
A nice read.

We saw Ms Betty Kong there. Still working hard and chopping up the food we ordered. She looked a bit tired yet chirpy, she probably have been chopping since morning. Looking around the shop, you can see old articles about this place. Reading the articles on the walls, they believe only in preparing their roast the ‘original Zhu Jiang style’.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

We started by having a watercress pork soup. Their double boiled soup is delicious.
The wife whose mum is Cantonese ‘poked poked’ inside the bowl and saw that they used ‘right’ ingredients to prepare the soup. Quite a heart warming soup.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

The Char Siu that everyone raves about. It’s dark and they don’t seem to add colouring to make it ‘red’. It’s darkish and slightly charred but does not have the bitter taste. It had the sticky gooey sauce residue that you find when you roast things at home. Delicious!

The meat is tender and had this sticky and chewy feel to it. The chewy is not that it’s not tender, but the stickiness of the sauce needs you to chew your food properly. As you can see, some parts had the fatty meats that’s really nice. The lean part is not ‘siap siap’ at all too.

While we were eating, it seems customers come in and ask if there are still the Char Siu, they leave when told it’s sold out. (We must have gotten the last few bits!)

The roast pork was nice, but maybe it’s already evening, the crispiness of the skin is not there anymore.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

By the way, we ordered a ‘2 person to share’ portion of ‘everything’. The other side is the roast duck. The duck is good, but because I liked the char siu so much, my tongue and mind did not really keep into memory how the duck is like.

We remembered that the duck did not have the ‘ducky gamey’ taste. It was a very nice and ‘pleasant to the palate’ duck. It had a nice crispy skin and the ones we had was not really fat too.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint @ Upper Paya Lebar Road

Oh yes, the rice is covered with delicious ‘lor’!
My plate had more ‘sauce’ than the wife’s, so she passed it to me. Too dark for her, but hurray for me!

I will be back for their char siu and perhaps the duck. As I type this now, I have the urge to have the char siu again.

It costs the high $20s for the 2 person combi, soup and our drinks.

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint
126 Upper Paya Road
Singapore 534838

Tel: 6743 8778
Hours: 10 am to 7 pm daily. (Closed on Tuesdays)
Web: www.kayleeroastmeatjoint.com

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