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It’s our parent’s anniversary, and my father in law likes steak, so the wife and I booked a dinner at Skirt to celebrate their special day. This is my 2nd time at Skirt, the first time was with the HungryGoWhere review folks to test out food which was very good, because we were invited guests.

So this second time which is about 2 months later, where we went in ‘stealth mode’ and we were there just to enjoy ourselves and pay from our own pockets. The service was still as good. Like the previous visit, there was a host/hostess to take care of you from start till the end of the dinner. We were served by a lady from Taiwan. She’s really knowledgeable, you can ask her anything about the menu and she can tell you. In fact, she’s better than the first visit there.

We did have a chat with her and found out she’s being rotating amongst the different W properties around the world. She’s here for a year or two and probably will go to another destination. So cool ya?

Skirt is W Hotel’s first ever grill house from all their properties. If you go there, you will notice the world restaurant has the ‘cow’ theme. Elaborate deco like this, are inspired by the cow’s udders. The hanging lights are made from cow leather. If you notice the host and hostess, they are dressed very sleek but their uniform or outfit is inspired by butchers!  Quite “W” cool!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

Just like the first time, the bread roll are in the shape of a flower. When you go down the steps from the lobby to the restaurant, you can peep into the open concept kitchen. You will see they have lots of these bread. The burnt marks are there because they have been heated up on the grill.

These nice warm bread are served with seaweed dip and a bottle of chorizo lard oil.
(It’s like Western version of our favourite lard in oil form and spicy!)

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Terra Rossa Malbec (by glass) – $18

Dad ordered a glass of wine. It was a red that was recommended after we ordered our meal. It was recommended based on the meat he ordered.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
SKIRT Made Blackmore Charcuterie for 2 – $38

I had this before and thought it was really good, so I told the parents that they should try this too.
I just love food that’s being served on big wooden boards. Look at the thinly mandolinned vegetables. If you are serving food at home, you can do this too. (ideas ideas!)

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

This bit of pulled meat with some far and crispy onions on it was delicious.

From the previous tasting, I asked what it was so I know what this is when we had it with the parents. It’s meat from the leg that has been sous vide at 65 for 1 day. It’s just so tender. If you are adventurous and not so health conscious, eat it with the semi soft fats.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

Two kinds of cured blackmore. I remembered that I prefer one to another, but I can’t remember which ones. I think one’s cured and the other just air dried cold cuts. If you dine there, you can confirm with them.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

Liver pate. It’s way too much for me personally. Everyone liked it except me, because I am not a liver person. 😉

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

The pretty and hard crusted bread that comes with it. I preferred the softer bread that was served before your meal though. I prefer soft breads.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

The details of this place. They have custom made cutlery!

Do you feel like you are dining in some big huge ancient castle maybe in King Arther’s time, that people used such cutlery?

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

If you ordered meat, you will be served this before your meal.
On the left, apple bourbon juice. I think it’s a bit strong, but it cleanses your palate before you have your meat. The right, a bottle of BBQ sauce.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Blackmore Australian Full Blood 9+ Wagyu, Skirt Steak (250g) – $48

The wife ordered this. She wanted to try this signature skirt steak. It’s a nice piece of steak. It was done medium, and came out nicely as what she liked. I suppose you can’t do wagyu any other way. It made the wife rather happy.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Donald Russell Irish Aberdeen Angus Grass fed 21 day Dry Aged Tenderloin – $40

Dad had a hard time deciding because there was too many choices. He end up having the Irish tenderloin. We all thought he made the best choice for the night after we all took a bit of his meat.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

We thought the wife’s skirt steak was nice, but after tasting dry aged meat and the tenderness that comes with it, I wished I ordered this too.  A good piece of meat, just grilled was just so so good. The price for this delicious meat was only $40!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Grilled Baby Barramundi – $47

Mum is more of a seafood person and she thought she will have the catch of the day. We were told they had a nice baby barra that day and mum thought it’s a good choice too.

We thought it was quite an expensive fish, but it was really well done. Nicely grilled, it was nice, soft and juicy inside and we think mum did enjoy it.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Iberico Pork Skirt, Asparagus, Crackling – $40

When I ordered it, I imagined it to be a pice of “sio bak”, with nice crackling skin on top by the description. I was wrong. It came as above. Yes, we laughed. It was piece of pork skirt with crackling separately on top.

It was OK. It was slightly over done, so it was a bit tough. Even with King Arthur’s knife above, I had to use a bit more energy to cut it. So when I tasted Dad’s dry aged beef, oh… I wanted to take over his whole plate.

We thought we would share some side dishes, so we ordered 4 different sides. Probably 2 or 3 should had been enough if you ordered the starter. You would be quite stuffed!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Grilled Pumpkin, Sprouts and Goat Cheese – $8

Nicely grilled pumpkin with leaves from probably 2 Brussels sprouts and goat cheese over it. Pumpkin had a nice aroma. You know how some people like harder pumpkin and some like soft mushy ones. This was the harder kind.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Sauteed Wild Mushrooms – $8

We are a family of mushroom lovers, so we ordered it when we saw mushrooms on the menu. We really liked this. It’s a combi of different mushrooms with black fungus. We always forget about black fungus as mushrooms. Surprisingly, it goes so so well. We will be having this combo when we prepare this at home next time!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Baby Carrots, Beans and Radish – $6

A nice dish of carrots. Nice but not wowing. Yes, it’s just carrots and beans and radish. Order it for beta carotene for your eyes.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Hand Cut Garlic Fries with Mayonnaise – $5

We saw the word garlic and fries and we kind of automatically order it. Frankly speaking, I can’t remember now how it tasted because I did not take notes. Can’t remember it was super crispy and super soft inside, but I remember we ate up all of it. No fries were spared!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Chocolate Forest Cake – $18

We ordered this dessert because dad loves black forest cake. It’s more like a deconstructed black forest cake. Very interesting indeed!

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

Pop the ‘cherry’ on top and you have this thick mix of cherries. You should take a bit of everything you see on the plate and put it in your mouth. Taste it that way. You might just enjoy it.

Unless of course you think all these deconstructed thing is not your way to enjoy food. 😉

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore
Crepes – $15

A very alcoholic dessert! The two rolls are crepes and there’s 2 different cocoa powder and granules over it. Their variation of crepes suzette.

Skirt @ W Hotel Singapore

The booze on fire has just melted all the chocolate. Enjoy!

We had a very good time. We arrived earlier before dinner and enjoyed walk around to admire the yachts there. Service staff was very good, but not very intrusive. 

Total cost was $336 which includes the various taxes and 4 other drinks that we ordered.

Oh yes, if you are Points and Miles collectors for hotels, you can redeem SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) points. Yes, I gave them my SPG number.

W Singapore – Sentosa Cove
21 Ocean Way
Singapore 098374

Tel: 6808 7278
Hours: Tues – Sun, 7 pm – 12 midnight

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