“LIM KOPI for a Cause” with Toast Box

Toast Box and ABLE (Abilites beyond Limitations and Expectiations) collobrate in “LIM KOPI for a cause” Fund Raising Drive.  ABLE – Abilites beyond Limitations and Expectiations Ltd, a charity organisation that strives to enable and empower the phyiscally challenged community to be reintegrated into the main stream society in Singapore. 

This is the Toast Box’s second year partnership with ABLE and through this collobration, Toast Box’s “LIM KOPI for a Cause” Campaign hopes to generate $20,000 of funds that will go towards financing ABLE’s assistance programs, beneficaries with acquired or congenital physical disabilities as well as their families and caregivers.

Personally for me, its heartwarming to see local companies support charity orgnaisations with their earnings to good causes.  You can do your part too! From now till end to September 2012, Toast Box will donate 30 cents (SGD) towards raising funds for ABLE with the sale of every promotional set.

In line with the campaign, TOAST BOX has introduced the following items:

NEW Hebi Hiam Thick Toast
With Coffee/ $3.00 or With Kumquat Jelly/ $4.00

I used to almost always eat this toast whenever i order the set with Toast Box.  This NEW Hebi Hiam comes with chuckier dried shrimps (hebi hiam).  It has a more texture feel with the added sugar bits, giving it a sweet yet savory taste.  However this makes it less spicier compared to the original version that Toast Box has.  It will be great for those who prefers a less spicy version of the Hebi Hiam Thick Toast.

French Toast Butter Kaya
With Coffee/$3 or With Kumquat Jelly/$4

This is your usual egg-battered French toast, but with a sweet touch, that comes from the kaya.  Its a well balanced taste.  With a combination of egg, butter and kaya – what bliss for breakfast or snack! A tip: Do consume this immediately when it arrives to your table.  Definitely served best with kopi-c-kosong or teh-si

Chicken Curry
With Kumquat Jelly/$6.30

Should you be looking for a filling meal, Toast Box has a long heralded signature Chicken Curry that will definitely leave you coming back for more! This is a flavourful and mildly spicy coconut-based curry served with tender chicken and large chunks of potatoes.  Choose between fragrant rice or freshly grilled thick toast

Kumquat Jelly Drink

Along with the sets, you can choose to have a refreshing, cold Kamquat Jelly drink.  A familiar taste of thirst quenching drink with chunks of jelly to satisfy.  A delight during the hot and humid weather!

Aside from the above promotional items, Toast Box also serves up other items.
Fish Ball Hor Fun Soup/ $6.20 (a la carte)

Ah! This brings back so much fond memories as you tuck into the hot soup and while munching the fishballs, accompanied with kway teow.  I just recalled days when my mum will pack home a bowl of fishball soup after school on rainy days.

Fried Fish Beehoon Soup/ $6.20 (a la carte)

You may not expect Toast Box to serve up this Fried Fish Bee Hoon, but they have certainly done well with this! Chuncks of fried fish soaked in thick been hoon soup, a bite tells you that fresh fish is used to prepare this. The batter is fragrant, giving you a delicious, non-oily meal.

Aside from enjoying Toast Box coffee in-store, you can also make your very own home brewed Nanyang kopi anytime.  Simply purchased the convenient hand-held coffee-making apparatus with a bag of coffee powder at the promotional price of $25.


From now will end of September 2012, every set (Includes: 1 Toast Box Coffee Brew and 250g Toast Box Coffee Power) sold, Toast Box will donate $2 to ABLE.  What more, the coffee brew is BPA free and is available in 3 colours.

Special Thanks to Haylee & Clara of BreadTalk and Mei Yan of Touch Communications for hosting the group of us.

Toast Box @  The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
#B2-62 Canal Level, Singapore 018956
Tel: 6636 7131

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