Spruce @ Phoenix Park, Tanglin Road

We were away for Sydney for holiday a few weeks ago and we when we got back, the wife says let’s date the parents-in-law for brunch.  Kopikosonggirl’s wish is to try every brunch place in Singapore, (which I think is not possible) and so she made a reservation for Spruce, to conquer every brunch place in Singapore one at a time.

It was a sunny and warm day that suddenly turned very wet! We welcome the lower temperature but hated the wetness. Oh, we just can’t be satisfied!

Located at the old govt offices which is probably a few decades old, the deco of this place is the classic yet gives you a lazy and comfy feeling to it.

We thought we were back from Sydney, but when you are here, you see lots of ‘ang mohs’ enjoying their food here too 🙂

Spruce Signature Burger with Hand Cut Chips ($17)

KopiKosongGirl had the signature burger. She enjoyed her meal, but said there’s no wow factor in it. Just how you would make it at home yourself. She had it prepared medium but she felt it was a little dry.

The hand cut chips however made her quite happy. She liked how it is done. Soft and fluffy inside and crispy outside.

(She wished she had a Mary Poppins bag with a bottle of truffle oil inside. That would have made it the most awesome chips around!)

Brioche French Toast with Mascarpone and Peach Jam ($14)

The MIL likes French Toast and she ordered this Brioche French Toast. The thick cut brioche does looks very tempting doesn’t it?

The MIL liked it. You do feel quite full rather quickly because of the brioche. Very rich tasting. The peach jam was quite nice. Wondered if they made it their own?

Lemongrass Ginger $6

I only took 1 photo of our drinks because it all looks the same. Their tea is from Tea Drop from Melbourne Australia.

Cajun Prawns Benny ($25) 
Toasted ‘everything’ bagel, poached egg, dill hollandaise, hot sauce

I was enjoying eggs benedict almost everyday in Sydney, and I ordered a benny again when I am back. The cajun prawns was quite tasty. I ordered this because I don’t remember seeing anything similar anywhere.


The prawns are in small pieces but they were quite generous. I really liked how it turned out.

The next few sentences might be a bit bias. I was having free range Australian eggs that has bright orange yolk for almost a week daily and coming back and looking at the pale yellow egg yolk just didn’t satisfy my cravings. The eggs in Singapore seems smaller too.

We will be back to try other things though. This place has a nice atmosphere and the food’s decent.

A more elderly wait staff told us while we paid our bill that they will be opening at the Old Fire Station at Upper Bukit Timah. That’s good news to those of us that stays in the West. The last I heard, someone said that that Old Fire Station branch has opened. Now to find time to have a meal there.

320 Tanglin Road
Phoenix Park
Singapore 247980

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