Breakfast at Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey

I usually wake up rather late on Saturday mornings (or sometimes afternoon). It’s the only day in the week that I can laze in bed. (I am fortunate that the wife still allows me to continue this even after marriage!) The 2 ladies at home will wake up early and do so many things, they will go to the gym, go for a hike at Bukit Timah (hill), etc…

Two Saturdays ago, they went out and ran some errands and when they were done, they decided to have breakfast. A “pretend we are overseas holidaying” breakfast. We have done a few trips together and we always missed them. They picked Jones, to feel like they are in Australia. The branch at Dempsey makes it feel like it’s somewhere out there in another country.

They decided to call me, which I am glad they did. They called my phone, “Lazy bum bum, wake up, wake up, wake up! We are going for breakfast, we will be home in 10 minutes to pick you up. Bye!”

Huh? I was still half asleep, but I think I heard what they said. I woke up, showered and before I knew it, they were already home.

“Still not ready ah? Why do we always have to wait for you? Can’t you wake up earlier on Saturdays… Always wasting time away, see how much we have already accomplished today….” The way to deal with it is say OK and it will be over!

They placed what they brought back immediately (they hate it when I always leave things on the table) into the ‘proper’ places at home and when they were done, I was too!

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
Eggs on toast ($8.50) + Jones sausages as sides ($3)
For this set you can choose to have your eggs poached, fried or scrambled. It comes with sourdough toast. The poached eggs delighted KopiKosongGirl. She loves runny egg yolks.

The eggs has a slight vinegar-ish taste, so we guess they used the vinegar boiling water to make this.
Is it only my eyes, do you see it’s shaped in a heart shape?

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
The Spanish eggs ‘en cocotte’ ($19.50)

Baked baby spinach, jones tomato relish, bacon and sourdough toast. I liked it because it’s tomato based. Buried below the bacon and tomato relish are two eggs which had runny yolks.

I know it’s not that difficult to make at home, but we just want to be served sometimes. Slightly salty, but the spinach was slightly bitter, so overall it was OK for me.

Jones the Grocer @ Dempsey
This was how I ate it. You can’t hear it, but you can imagine the crunchiness of the toast can you?
Just so lovely eating it.

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
Breakfast BLT ($13.50)
Grilled bacon, avocado, roasted tomato and watercress with aioli between toasted focaccia bread.
It’s sis’ kind of food. She loves toasted artisan bread and avocado!
She likes it with her white flat.

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
KopiKosongGirl and sis both had Flat Whites.

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
I had celery with green apple!
(See my magical straw!)

Nice place to spend an hour or so having a nice quiet breakfast.
Around noon, the place gets a bit warm and sticky if you sit outside like we did.

There’s free wifi too for those who don’t want to use their ‘precious data’ connection now in Singapore.

Jones The Grocer @ Dempsey
Blk 9 Dempsey Road
Singapore 247697

Hours: Mon 9:30am – 6:00pm / Tue – Fri 9:30am – 11:00pm / Sat – Sun 9:00am – 11:00pm
Tel: +65 6476 1512


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