The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel

This was an invite to taste the food at The Sleeping Rhino at Klapsons the Boutique Hotel.

What an unique name! The Sleeping Rhino? We were hosted by Belda from Klapsons and she said the name and the initial TSR sounds cool. The hotel itself is really cool too! When you enter the building you will see a big sphere as the reception area. Try walking into it and ask the service staff something. Why? Try it and you will find out!

Out of curiosity, I did an online search to find out how long does a Rhino sleep each day. A rhino sleeps about 8 hours a day!

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
The tasting menu for the night. Eaten last week.

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
If you are a bread person, the bread roll here might just make you really happy.
It’s warm to the slightly hot side. It was also really soft inside. The roll had sun dried tomatoes and I ate it without butter. It was very good by itself.

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
One of the signature dishes is the Avocado, Mango and Prawn Salad.

This was the tasting portion. Normal serving size is huge and could be a dish itself, great for lunches for those working around this area. ($16.50 for full portion)

The mango was sweet and it goes well with the leaves, avaocado and prawns. Great idea mixing some sweet soft fruits into salads. I usually don’t have dressing for my salads. The slight drizzle of the balsamic dressing does gives it a slight sweetish and slighty tart flavour to it.

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
Roasted Mushroom Soup. Normal serving ($9.50)
Roasting the mushroom makes it more fragrant. You can tell from the colour that it’s not the pale cream coloured mushroom soup. What a rich luscious colour!

The first mouth will give you a ‘I want more of this‘ thought in your head. It’s not the thick kind of soup. The viscosity of the soup is what I describe like melted ice cream. The truffle oil of course gives it an extra aroma. So if you soup the type of consistency I described, this is your kind of soup.

If you did keep some of your rolls, it goes well with the soup!

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
Macademia Crusted Salmon Fillet. (Normal portion $22.50)

This was KopiKosongGirl’s main course. She liked the macademia crust on top which she said gives it a nice bite and touch to the usual salmon.

Did not really taste it, so I can’t give you more description about it. 

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
Double-cooked Pork Ribs
(Normal portion $26.50, which I was told is much more than what is already quite a huge chunk of meat that was served.)

This photo was taken without the chef’s secret BBQ sauce over it yet. I have a soft spot for ribs. First the smell of pork ribs was one that makes you salivate immediately. I ate the first two ribs without the sauce first to taste how it is, and it was pretty good. The meat was tender, a gentle nudge with the fork and knife gets the meat off the bones.

I then tried it with the BBQ sauce. It was a slightly sweetish, slightly smokey and tangy sauce which was rather appetizing. The sauce is not thick kind, but is runny consistency of soft boiled egg yolks. I kept pouring it over the ribs when I was enjoying my ribs that Belda asked if I wanted to have another ‘jug’ of sauce! (There’s more than enough sauce haha..)

With the soup and this sauce, I kinda of guess the chef does not like to thicken things up too much. So if you have similar kind of liking like me, you might like the chef’s food. I know some of you folks prefer the thick gooey sticky kind of sauce over your ribs.

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
Berry Mousse Cheese Cake (Normal portion $9.50)
With the salad, soup and mains, most of us were quite stuffed. So we could not enjoy the dessert as much as we would like to.

I remember it as not being too cheesy and rich, which was good because we were quite stuffed. I remember the texture as very soft and creamy.

The Sleeping Rhino @ Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
For drinks, I had this apple flavoured tea. A glass of tea with apple flavoured syrup in a cute little beaker.

My personal take, I did not really like the syrup. Not my cup of tea literally. I did not like the smell of the syrup, reminded me of ahem.., shall not mention it here. The tea itself without the syrup was nice though. I did notice something, the ice balls in the tea were made of the same tea! As you drink your tea, the tea does not get diluted!

If you work around this area, TSR have partnered with HGW to have quite good deals.
Visit the or to look at their deals.

I walked around and saw that they have a Cold Buffet during lunch time. All-you-can-eat spread of appetisers, soup, salads and desserts for $26++ per pax.  There is also an option of adding a main course and coffee/tea at $38++ per pax.

The Sleeping Rhino
15 Hoe Chiang Road,
Klapsons The Boutique Hotel,
Singapore 089316

Hours: Mon to Sat – 7am to 10.30pm, Sun : 7am to 11am
Tel: 6521 9001

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