Late Plate @ NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House.

How time flies! The food in today’s post was eaten almost a month ago!

My colleagues and I wanted something different and decided to try out a place that is different from the usual canteen fare. We read that there’s a new place that serves all day breakfast in the NUS Kent Ridge Campus. It’s headed by an Australian Chef Roland Graham, who’s worked in a few countries and few top hotels too. We thought we shall try it out.

For those familiar with NUS, this dining place is at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House. The last time we were here, it was a cafe that was a subsidiary of a local catering firm that all of us probably eaten before. It’s a nice chance to have a new tenant at the Alumni House.

Late Plate
As you can see, the view outside is quite pleasant. It’s near to the modern looking NUS Business School as well. Why is it call Late Plate? It’s because they serve all day breakfast! No matter how late you go, you can still get breakfast!

Late Plate
A colleague, HY tested out the Cappuccino. ($4.50 hot / $5.50 cold)

I am not a coffee drinker, but the aroma was wonderful. She quite enjoyed it. You can tell a coffee drinker who likes their coffee when it perks them up suddenly! (oh these caffeine addicts!)

Late Plate
HY ordered the soup of the day which was interesting!
It’s “cream of broccoli, corn and ham hock“. We were too curious and we asked our colleague if we could try it. It was good! Really good!

The broccoli cream was blended, however to give it a nice texture, they had tiny little bits of broccoli to give it a nice little crunch. Interesting eh?

Late Plate
This is the Pot Pie. It comes as a special when we visited it with the Soup of the day above.
(Pot Pie and Soup of the Day was $15)

Late Plate
The Pot Pie here was not covered with the usual pastry, but the bowl was topped with mash potatoes. The top layer according to colleague A was a little cheesy crusty. The potato sure doesn’t taste like those instant ones, so it’s probably made from fresh potatoes.

The beef bolognaise was hidden below and she said it was good. Looks really tempting doesn’t it?

Late Plate
I ordered the Red Snapper Fillet. It was served on top of roasted dutch tomatoes. ($16)
The snapper was wonderful. Not overcooked and it was succulent. The dutch tomatoes roasted was good too. As a person who loves tomatoes, I wished there were more of it!

Late Plate
On the side was black endive and basil mash topped with I think tasted like sweet potato crisp. Very pleasant flavour and I mix it with the olive oil and fish jus that was from the fish.

Late Plate
Another colleague, DP ordered the Corned Beef Hash ($15)
When it arrived, he was going to say, I did not order this! A bowl of eggs for lunch?

It is really his order. The menu says Onion and Gruyere Cheese Baked Eggs with Scorched Sourdough Caper Gremolata. He or rather all of us did not read the description above when we ordered it. We were too busy talking about work in the office.

Beneath the layer of egg and cheese is a layer of mash potato. Below the mash potato is the corned beef. According to DP, it’s very rich and quite an indulgence.

Late Plate
HY is a dessert girl! Desserts were all $5 ($3 if it an add on to your mains), so we were game to try it with her! This was the Vanilla Almond Tart & Ice cream with passionfruit puree.

It’s not a huge dessert. We wished it could be bigger. The tart about the size of the mini macarons that we usually buy in Singapore. The taste was quite good though. The ice cream was very good too!

Late Plate
We saw the first dessert was not that big, so we thought we can fill up more calories! We ordered the Dark Chocolate Pistachio tart with toasted marshmallows and white cocoa sauce. The tart was filled with dark chocolate that has been melted into the tart shell. Very thick and sinful. We thought the white cocoa sauce tasted like thick condensed milk.
Total bill costs us $54 for 3 persons.

Late Plate
11 Kent Ridge Drive
#01-03 Shaw Foundation Alumni House
Singapore 119244

Tel: +65 8328 3127

Hours: Mon-Wed: 10am-6pm,  Thu-Fri: 10am-8pm, Sat: 10am-4pm

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