Paul Singapore @ Ngee Ann City

This was one of the rare times we made appointment with our friend, Lady Di to meet for ‘tea’ at 9:30pm! KopiKosongGirl and I wanted to celebrate Lady Di’s birthday. She just wanted a slice of cake.  One of the few places that open till late is surprisingly PAUL. Lady Di wanted to try out PAUL so we were here.

Paul Singapore
Millefeuille chocolate ($6.40)
Their famous Napoleon with chocolate creme patissiere filling. It was very chocolatey. Layers of puff pastry and creme patissiere that makes you feel guilty eating it past 9 pm!

I was told on Facebook when I loaded the photo that their Millefeuille nature  (Plain Napoleon) is better. So which is your favourite?

Oh Lady Di drink was Hot Chocolate so it was like double dose of chocolate goodness.

Paul Singapore
Tartelette Fraises ($6.40)
Creme patissiere and strawberries.  This looked very pretty and the ladies wanted to try it.
I was quite pleased as the strawberries were sweet and not tart like other places. It was not just because of the glace over it.

I had the “Ice Tea of the moment” and when I was ordering, I asked what’s the tea for the moment, the service staff said, it’s Peach Tea for the moment and also any other moments and we all laughed together.

Paul Singapore
Mushrooms and Potato Pancakes.
Oh, we realise Lady Di was so busy at church that night, she did not have dinner yet, so we thought we would order something other than cakes/desserts. We had the Mushrooms and Potato Pancakes. The mushrooms were very good. It’s something that KKG and I can eat lots and lots of it. That was quite a fair bit of mushrooms that has shrunk from their original size. We prepare this at home, so we know before cooking, it must had been quite a bit.

Looks like when you dine in, the are many meal dishes to go as well. It did not take us long to get a table, probably because it was 9:30pm. The service staff all seems quite busy and sometimes lost. We had one that was quite friendly. The table beside us seemed a little unhappy though, probably because they asked for water after their sweet drinks and it did not arrive. We did not ask for it and it was served to us. (We think our water was their order. haha)

Paul Singapore
391 Orchard Road
#03-16/17 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

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