Kagoshima Fair @ Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sands

If you have been wanting to try out Kagoshima Kuroushi (Black Cattle) Wagyu Beef, Kagoshima Black Berkshire Kurobuta and other Kagoshima Prefecture produce, there’s a 4 week Kagoshima Restaurant Fair at Sky on 57, Marina Bay Sands starting from today (17 January 2012).

If you are interested and confident in handing the products and produce yourself instead of being prepared by chefs, you can head down to Isetan (till 18 Jan) or selected Cold Storage from 18 – 21 Jan. There would be Kagoshima Kuroushi Wagyu and Kurobuta Pork for sale and sampling.

Besides Sky on 57, Chikuyotei at InterContinental Singapore, Nadaman at Shangri-La Hotel and Mikuni at Fairmont Hotel is also participating in the Kagoshima Restaurant Fair. (14 – 24 Jan). Call them up for reservation if those are your preferred restaurants.

I had the opportunity to sample these Kagoshima produce at Sky at 57 and here’s some photos and my experience about it. Sky at 57 by Chef Justin Quek is the first in Singapore (2nd certificate to be given out) to be presented with the ‘Certificate of Recommendation’ from Kagoshima Prefecture.

If you, like me wondered, what’s the certificate for? It’s to certify that the restaurant is serving reliable, safe and finest ingredients that Kagoshima is proud of.

Kagoshima Produce

What’s that huge thing? It’s the Sakurajima daikon radish. Grown on volcanic soil, it’s the world’s largest radish and it can weigh as much as 31 kgs! This one doesn’t look like it’s 31 kg, but it sure was huge! The texture is supposedly firm and it tastes very sweet.

Kagoshima Produce

Other produce from the prefecture, An-nou potato (sweet potato), Dekopon citrus (Dekopon is trademarked orange if it meets certain criterias), pumpkins, musk melon etc. These were some of the ingredients for our lunch!

Kagoshima Wagyu

A chef preparing a shabu-shabu kagoshima wagyu beef. Swish swish and serve.
The broth was very tasty, it tasted of obviously of beef and also daikon, and I wondered if it’s from that huge sakurajima daikon!

Kagoshima Wagyu

I should have immediately taken it out of the broth, so that it’s more ‘raw’.
You should try it!

 *** Lunar New Year Specials ***

There would be a Lunar New Year celebration Luncheon with Kagoshima Products that you can try at Sky on 57. There might be variants depending on what’s flown in fresh. The price would be $138++.

The following is the tasting menu, so portions are ‘different’.

Ceviche of ‘Buri-OH’ and Steamed Bamboo Shoot Salad

Ceviche of 'Buri-OH' and Steamed Bamboo Shoot Salad

Buri-Oh is a brand of sorts for Hamachi / Japanese Amberjack from the region of Azuma in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Ceviche of 'Buri-OH' and Steamed Bamboo Shoot Salad
Buri-Oh marinated in lemon dressing and steamed bamboo shoots in truffle dressing with micro greens.

Oh wow, the buri-oh was so tasty. It was such a refreshing sashimi starter. It doesn’t have the fishy taste but a light tangy and sweet and a nice mouth feel to it.

Spring Salad with Kagoshima Vegetables

Spring Salad with Kagoshima Vegetables
A salad of snow peas, fava beans, fried leeks, grilled pumpkin and sweet potatoes and cheese croquettes. 

The grilled pumpkin (hidden inside) was done so nicely. The pumpkin still had a slight soft crunch to it when you bite into it, yet it had no raw taste.

The sweet potatoes and cheese croquettes was intriguing too. Can’t figure if it was baked or fried. It was certainly not oily. It had a crispy outer layer but when you cut it, it’s like mash potatoes with cheese inside. We wanted more!

Organic Kagoshima Pumpkin

Organic Kagoshima Pumpkin
Organic Pumpkin Veloute with Crabmeat Custard.

The pumpkin veloute has a nice viscosity, if you bake/cook, it’s like custard that has started to coat the back of the wooden ladle. The soup though a little salty was such a delight to have. I did not really fancy the crabmeat custard in it. Not a crabmeat custard person. I don’t mind having seconds or thirds of the soup though!

Green Pea Risotto

Green Pea Risotto
Sauteed Kagoshima Kurobuta Confit, Green Pea and Bacon, Natural Meat Jus.

Chef Justin who was roaming around the restaruatns, was at our table when this dish was served. He described how it was made and said the bacon were French bacon added to complement the dish. He was right that it will make it really really good.

My first time having green pea risotto which was quite nice. What I really enjoyed was the Kurobuta Confit. You see the piece of kurobuta? When you put in your mouth, it just dissolves. How did the chef do it?

Kagoshima Wagyu

Kagoshima Wagyu
Grilled Minute Steak with Kagoshima Vegetables.

Kagoshima Wagyu

It’s called minute steak for a reason, it’s minute!
But the taste and texture of the steak all made up for it. The famed Kagoshima Kuroushi Wagyu Beef. You got to try it.

Musk Melon

Mask Melon
Chilled Musk Melon and Mousseline and Sauternes Jelly.

I liked the Sauternes (French sweet wine) jelly with the musk melon. A very nice combination of different kind of sweetness from the fruit and the jelly. Great end to the meal.

Excellent creative interpretations of French cuisine with quality Japanese produce by Chef Justin Quek. Great dining location at the Sands SkyPark to boost too! From 17 January to 7 February 2012, they are having this special menu for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Sky on 57
Sands SkyPark,
Hotel Tower 1, Level 57
1 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018971

Tel: 6688 8857

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