West Co’z Cafe @ West Coast Plaza

We heard that there is a very popular halal ‘zhi char’ at West Coast Plaza. My colleagues wanted to try it out, so the 6 of us went there a few weeks ago.

When we got there, true to the hearsay, the place was really packed! You might need to wait a while for seats. We just happened to be there at the right time, because a big group left and the 6 of us took over the table. (allocated by the service staff)

West Co'z Cafe

We did not know what was the ‘must have’ here. We flipped through the menu and finally decided on the set menu for 4-6 person that cost $68.80. It seemed like a good choice. It allowed us to choose a dish from 5 different categories and drinks were included.

* Claypot Golden Chicken *

Claypot Golden Chicken

From the meat category, we picked the Claypot Golden Chicken. It is a bit like ‘san bei chicken’. Anything that has a crispy outer skin with slightly sweetish and salty sauce taste good.

* Curry Fish Head *

Curry Fish Head

From the fish category, we picked the Curry Fish Head. We picked this because we noticed almost every table ordered it!

The fish was very very spicy! The sauce is nice, spicy and makes you sniff when you eat it. It also had the ability to made a few of us crave it that we nearly soaked up every drop of curry!

There is something different or lacking about it. It’s not that was not nice, it was quite good. We concluded that we are bias because we are more more used to the Indian Fish Head curry.

* Sambal Kangkong *

Sambal Kang Kong

From the vegetable category, we picked the sambal kangkong, which was excellent. A tad salty like most Malay dishes. We wished the portion is bigger though.

* Oats Sotong *

Oats Sotong

For the seafood category, we picked the Oats Sotong. The reason we picked sotong over prawns was probably everyone was lazy to peel prawns!

It was quite fragrant and spicy. You can see bits of the fiery cili padi in it. Few colleagues were seen nibbling the fried oats until it was almost empty!

* Oyster Omelette *

Oyster Omelette

There was a ‘main category’ in the menu which had ‘Hotplate Beancurd’, Salad You Tiao, Mango Salad and ‘Oyster Omelette’. We wondered why it was called main.

We picked the oyster omelette which was something totally different from what we expected. We thought it will be something like the Chinese style oyster omellete. But it was totally different. It is more like scrambled eggs with oyster with lots of chilli!

You might just grow to like this!

* Rice oh rice *

Steamed Rice

The rice was pretty decent rice too. You might need more of it if you intend to pour the curry from the fish head over it.

The drinks that most of us had was lime juice.

One of the places that you can go with your Muslim colleagues.

West Co’z Cafe
154 West Coast Road
#02-23 West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371

Tel: 67791303

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