Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee @ Clementi West St (Beside the Market)

A Professor at work rounded up a few of us to give us a ‘thank you’ meal today.
She said she has been ‘bugging’ us for the whole year to do things for her and wanted to treat us for lunch. We were a bit ‘pai seh’ to accept the lunch treat, but in the end, we still went for lunch.

She said she discovered a place that has nice Assam Fish Head and would bring us to try it.
It’s a Zhi Char stall inside the coffee shop behind the Chinese Temple and beside the Market opposite West Coast Plaza. It’s called Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee, it’s where Bao Gong used to be long ago.

Assam Fish Head

The Assam Fish we were here to eat. It was absolutely delicious. It did not have lots of gravy but the gravy was thick and ‘potent’. It’s sour enough which really whet our appetite.

The fish head was huge and had lots of flesh too. Good recommendation.

Prawn Paste Chicken

One colleague felt like having Prawn Paste chicken so we ordered it. Nice crispy outer layer!
We were too happy eating the fish we seemed to have neglected eating this! We packed the leftover back and gave it to our office attendant who was too glad to have it for tea.

Young Sweet Potato Leaves

For our veggies, we ordered the Sweet Potato leaves. They served the young leaves version here.
Since we had spicy and fried dishes, we had this as a light stir fry with garlic. I don’t see much garlic though! It was nice.

Yam Ring

We also had the Yam Ring. This was good stuff. The yam ring is very delicate!
Though the ring looks crispy outside, beneath the crispy layer was a soft yam. It’s almost like puree inside. I don’t usually like yam ring, but this was delicious.

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee

If you want to know the prices, it’s quite reasonable.
The huge fish head was only $18.
Yam ring was $15 and the chicken and veggies were $8 each.

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee
Blk 721 Clementi West St 2
Singapore 120721

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