Lana Cake Shop @ Greenwood Avenue

We wanted to give a last minute surprise to our dear uncle. It was his birthday and as we were near Greenwood Avenue, we wanted to see if there’s any cake on sale there.

Lana Cake Shop

Oh! There were cakes for sale! They even had the famous chocolate cake that everyone had to always pre-order.

We saw on the chilled display a few cakes. There was a coconut cake and carrot cake for sale. Sis said it’s so boring to always eat chocolate cake, let’s have something different. So we got the carrot cake. ($32)

Lana Cake Shop

Everything here is still done the old fashion way. From the shop house to the box with just a sticker. 😉

Lana Cake Shop - Carrot Cake

Here’s the cake that we brought to Uncle’s place.

We put a candle on it, sang a birthday song and cut the cake!

Lana Cake Shop - Carrot Cake

The cake was quite nice. It was quite moist and had a really nice texture.

Lana Cake Shop - Carrot Cake

It was a nice afternoon tea break.
With coffee, tea and carrot cake. c

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