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It has been a long long time since we ate at CJ Dining In. Our aunt said we should revisit the place. She calls it the place that I treated her with double chopsticks. haha. But when we got there, we realised that they have done away with the double chopsticks.

There’s always an excuse or occasion to eat in Singapore. Today’s ‘excuse’ was a ‘pre-birthday dinner’ dinner. We were going to treat uncle to a birthday dinner the next day, but uncle and aunty said, they will treat us the day before first. Sounds complicated?

Anyway, there were 6 of us and we had the following dishes.

*** Crispy Roast Pork Belly ***

Crispy Roast Pork Belly

Babitarians (i.e. people who love pork) will love this. The cut of meat served was just nice that night! It’s not too fatty, just fatty enough so it does not taste ‘dry’. It’s served with yellow mustard. The ‘electric shock’ that you get from the mustard makes it enjoyable. A piece of layered crispy pork that’s lightly salted with mustard that sends a gentle shock through the nostrils was like a little pleasure. $9

*** Sauteed Beef with Mushrooms ***

Sauteed Beef with Mushrooms

The basket of sauteed beef and mushroom was quite nice too. The beef was tender but I love the mushrooms more. I am a mushroom person. The mushrooms have sucked up all the beef essence and seasoning, so it was nicer to eat the mushrooms?  $27

*** Bean Curd with assorted mushrooms and spinach ***

Bean Curd with assorted mushrooms and spinach

The service staff came to us halfway through our meal and said the portions of the home made toufu is running out. Aunt and the lady muttered something in Cantonese and “tada”, this was what came out. All of us liked it. Their tofu was great and the spinach was the young spinach so it was really tender and tasted very nice. $18

*** Steamed Chicken ***

Steamed Chicken

Somehow we all really liked this steamed chicken. The difference from the usual ‘white chicken’ is that this was served hot. It came out steaming hot. I can’t really capture the steam, but it being hot was a nice change. We were told these are ‘Gui Fei Ji’. Chicken with very little fat and firm meat. What is “Gui Fei Ji”?

I can’t remember how it was ordered but on the receipt it says: S.Chkn/Mar.conpoy(H). How do you decipher that? $16

*** Seafood E-Fu noodles ***

Seafood E-fu noodles

The E-fu noodles that we used a ‘shou mian’ (birthday noodles). Lots of seafood on it. E-Fu noodles always taste good doesn’t it? $19

*** Special Fried Rice with Conpoy Scallops ***

Special Rice with Conpoy Scallops

The fried rice was nice, but I personally preferred the ‘noodle carbo’ compared to the ‘rice carbo’. We realised every thing was very scallopy! But the scallops always happen to end up in the same person’s bowl, which is our cousins! $18

*** Green Wrasse 2 Way ***

Green Wrasse 2 Way

This was an interesting dish. The fish – green wrasse was cooked in two ways.
Half the fish was stir fried with vegetables. It’s taste good and really fragrant but it was a little too salty.

Green Wrasse 2 Way

The other half was deep fried and this version is nicer! The fish was $50.

*** Red Bean Pudding ***

Red Bean Pudding

We were quite full with all the food, but we still ordered some dessert to share. The red bean pudding was ok lah. Not very spectacular. $3.60

*** Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo ***

Mango Cream with Sago and Pomelo

The mango cream was nicer than the red bean pudding. $9

*** Crispy Green Tea Glutinous Dumpling ***

Crispy Green Tea Glutinous Dumplings

I think this was the most interesting of the 3 desserts we shared. I thought it was just the same glutinous balls but when you took a bite, you realize it is green, then you realize the filling starts pouring out!

This dessert took a super long time to be served though. We nearly gave up waiting! $3.60

Crispy Green Tea Glutinous Dumplings

This place is quite popular so we got to wait a while before we got a place. We were quite fortunate to be seated on a table facing Sentosa Island, so the view was quite pleasant with all the bright lights from Resorts World. As it was a Friday night, we got to see the Universal Studios Fireworks too. The fireworks usually go off at 9.30pm. 😉

Wishing our uncle a very very Blessed Birthday.

Crystal Jade Dining In
1 Harbourfront Walk
#01-112 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Tel: +65 6278 5626

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