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A colleague who is currently studying for a Master of Computing at the School of Computing, NUS asked if I wanted to try one of the most delicious chocolate cake around. He and his course mates are doing an assignment for their social media module and for their assignment, they have organised a “The Chocolate Atelier” event.

It all started when colleague gtalk me and asked if I am interested in eating chocolates. He then pasted to tempt me. Interested to go? I said ok! He then showed me the link I glanced through it and I told him, I did not win the contest that’s at the facebook page. How can I go? He then told me they are the organizer and he can invite me over. All I need to do is to put up a post here for them as part of their assessment. That’s all is needed. Oh, that’s easy!

*** the shop ***
I thought I was familiar with this area, since I used to have meals at the Amoy Street Food Centre, but I never knew this chocolate shop existed!

Truffs  - The Chocolate Atelier

It’s very near the Amoy Street market if you are wondering where it is.

Fresh handmade chocolate!

Fresh handmade chocolate! Oh, looking at this already makes me happy!

Located on the 2nd floor of the shop lot, you need to climb this flight of steps up.
I call it the ‘stairway to heaven’!

Stairway leading to heaven!

When you go up this slight dim stairway, you reach a very bright and cosy shop!

*** the event ***

Erica and Indra, with Nicole (not pictured here), they were our hostesses for the night!

The ladies preparing to demo

Hmm… let me ask you a question: Where did you all glance at first? The ladies or the truffles? :-p

*** the cake ***

With the gloves on, they are ready for the show of the night.
The event was to show us how their ‘Cake’ is assembled and then tasting their award winning luscious cake!

Ganache piped unto the cake

Erica started by piping ganache on to 2 pieces of moist chocolaty cake.
No, they are not telling their recipe for the cake or the ganache!

Yeah, it looks like....

This photo above is for your interpretation. We know what you are thinking. Erica said that same thing.
So what do you see?

Spread it around. Heat it with the heat gun...

With nimble, delicate and yet strong hands, Erica uses the spatula and spreads the ganache over the cake.
Did you notice what looks like a Bosch drill? It’s a Bosch heat gun! They use it to melt the ganache to a consistency that is easy to handle.

Stacked up and smoothen up...

We did realise that the 3 staff there are always smiling and happy!
They must love their work (and chocolates!) Happy people make delicious cake?

Ready for the glace!

Here, the cake is now covered in ganache and it looks so nice now!
The next step is to pour the chocolate glaze over it!

Chocolate Glace....

Look at the thick gooey melted chocolate that’s covering the cake!
Do you feel like licking it? Oh…. it looks good!

Almost done, all covered up!

The decorated cake needs to be set in the fridge for a few hours before serving.
Look! The audience can’t wait to try it!

Transfer it to the cake holder...

Here the cake’s been transferred to a placeholder that we are all so familiar with.

All dolled up!

With a bit of decoration and bright lights, it looks good eh?

We were served the cake that has been set in the fridge. I tell you, the cake is absolutely stunning!
It’s moist and the chocolate was so rich and yet not too sweet!

*** the truffles ***

The other reason why everyone attended the event. The chocolate truffles! They come in 3 varieties:
55% équateur dark chocolate, 66% antilles dark chocolate and 70% honduras dark chocolate.

Chocolate Truffles

The folks at Truffs were so nice to let us try all three!

Chocolate Truffle

I tell you, you will be back for more after trying it!
The 3 taste different as the cocoa beans comes from different regions.
I like all three! My favourite here is the 55% equator cocoa beans.

Boxes for the Truffles

It comes in boxes of 9 or 18. The prices for the truffles and the cake is available here.

Oh, a few days after the event, I am still thinking of the truffles and cakes!
If you are a chocolate fan, why not come and try it!

They sell only whole cakes and not slices of cakes. But if you are keen to try only a slice, head to the Farmers’ market at Loewen Gardens. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday, they will be there! They sell cakes by the slice there.

179A Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627

Tel: 9088 2736

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