CZ’ZAR Restaurant @ Great World City

We hesitated. Should we try it? Is that the way to spell zhi char? We walked away.

10 steps later, we turned around and decided to try it. We were very hungry and thought we should just try it. We did not regret coming here. The place is modern and it’s quite comfortable inside. It’s a modern contemporary version of a zhi char stall.


*** braised peanuts ***

Do you all return the appetizers to restaurants? We do, especially if it’s mixed nuts that have combination that we do not like. Soft braised peanuts are something we don’t ‘return’ to the restaurants.

Braised Peanuts

*** Soup of the Day ***

We ordered the soup of the day and it was the different root vegetables soup. Pork Ribs with ‘bai luo bo’ (daikon), ‘hong luo bo’ (carrots), ‘jing luo bo’ (green radish) and another type of ‘luo bo’ which I forgot as it was in the pot of soup.

This soup is suppose to be very good in bringing down the ‘heat’ in our bodies. It was very nice tasting too!

Soup of the Day

*** Four Season Beans ***

We really liked this dish! It was so addictive and we were nibbling on it non stop. It’s not too oily and we love the fine chopped up mix of garlic, mushrooms, mince meat and salted fish. It went so well with the fluffy hot rice we had!

4 season beans with minced meat

*** Claypot fish head ***

The claypot fish head was a delight as well! There were chunks of roasted pork that gave it a nice fragrance. The fish head was deep fried and then braised in the claypot. There were lots of leek and enoki and shitake mushrooms too!

We enjoyed this dish! We were quite surprised it was so big. We only had 3 person eating! We wallop it all anyway 🙂

Claypot Fish Head

*** Pork Rib ***

This was a recommendation from the service staff. I forgot the name exactly, but it was province somewhere in China pork ribs.

The ribs were soft and easily falls off the bone when you nudge it with your chopsticks. If you like saucy sweetish and salty ribs, order this!

Pork Ribs

It’s quite a nice place for zhi char food that’s quite good from the dishes we tried so far.

1 Kim Seng Promenade
Great World City #01-37
Singapore 237994
Tel: 6836 2520
Fax: 6836 2320

Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm daily.

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