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It’s been a long long time since I sat down and ate breakfast slowly! On weekday mornings, I am always rushing out to work. I am one of those who will waste precious time pressing the snooze button a few times. Before you know it, you are late and you got to rush to work!

On Saturdays, if there’s nothing on, I usually sleep in till 12 noon! It’s the only day in the week I can sleep in! On Sundays, it’s church and we try to be there at around 8:45am. 😉

This is one of my rare breakfast posts!

Of all places, I had breakfast right in the middle of the financial district. I had breakfast with my sis. Sis and I don’t work in this area, but we came here for breakfast on National Day!

We flip through their menu and decide to order from the Breakfast menu.


The Mushroom Bruschetta. $6.80
Grilled mushroom topped with Italian taleggio cheese on toasted ciabatta. It was also served with scrambled eggs.

A rather nice breakfast. Kinda filling if you don’t usually eat so much for breakfast. The ciabatta was a bit too toasted so it was very ‘crunchy’. But it was ok when you let the yummy runny scrambled egg soak through. 

Mushroom Bruschetta

It came with a complimentary coffee (or tea).

Regular Coffee


I had the Spanish Chorizo Omelette $7.50.
I have thinking of chorizos recently! So when I saw this in the menu, I ordered it. I should have taken  a photo of the chorizo, roasted capsicum and cheddar inside the omelette. I would have preferred more chorizos in it!

I wonder how many eggs was in my omelette! But it was hearty breakfast.

Spanish Chorizo Omelette

It came with a choice of tea or coffee, and I opted for the English Breakfast Tea.

English Breakfast Tea

p/s Talking about Chorizos, I realised that Twisties now has a new flavour! Chicken Chorizo and Smokey Sausage. That’s for Twisties/Chorizos fans. ;-P

We had recently joined their Club Royalty, and just got the members card after like 2 months of waiting. It came with some “welcome vouchers”. But too bad, it’s a public holiday and they don’t accept it. 🙁

Coffee Club @ Raffles Place
Tel: 6532 6273
Hours: Open daily, from 8am – 10pm

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