Liu San @ Bukit Timah Plaza

It has been a few months since we ate here. We are back again and we are pleasantly surprised that they got proper menu now. It used to be an order chit with words and price.

My sis and her colleagues were eating there and I gatecrashed.


One of sis’ colleagues will be going home for dinner, so she just ordered a little starter to fill her tummy first. I can’t remember the name, but I think it was Mi Tong Kueh or something like that. I was too shy to ask what it is inside (hey, remember I gatecrashed), only asked if I can take a photo of her food. LOL

Mi Tong Kueh


I had the Braised Minced Pork Rice. A very simple dish, but I like it.
Minced Pork with rice makes me happy.

I was going to try the Taiwan Curry Rice, but it was sold out. Sigh… Next time.

Mince Meat Rice


Another of sis’ colleague had the Oyster Mee Suah. She said she has been here 10 times and this is the first time she got to eat it. “Finally!”,  she announced to the lady taking the orders. It was the last bowl for the day too! She was seen enjoying her mee suah.

Oyster Mee Suah


Sis wanted to order something else and it was sold out, so she had the Mince Pork Noodles instead. It’s almost similar to what I had. She had the noodles version of it. 😉

Mince Meat Noodles

The noodles are a little spicy compared to my rice version. She enjoyed it.
She was too hungry and was digging in right after I took the first photo. Looks good eh?

Mince Meat Noodles


We all shared this “power” (I think, can’t remember the name) chicken.  Meat from a drumstick cut into small pieces and deep fried. A bit like KFC’s pop corn. I think KFC’s version is nicer though. ;-p

Power Chicken

It was a quick dinner. Sis and her colleagues are teachers. After dinner, they went to sit at a coffee place and do the usual marking, marking and more marking!

Liu San Taiwanese Delicacies
1 Jalan Anak Bukit
Bukit Timah Plaza
Singapore 588996

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