Quarter Pounder & Double Quarter Pounder @ McDonald’s Singapore

Today’s post was an invited session by McDonald’s Singapore.

Are you one of the over 5 million people who visits McDonald’s every month? I know I am.

Last Wednesday evening, a few bloggers and also Quarter Pounder fans were invited to taste the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese (QPC) just before it is relaunched to the public.

I was told the Quarter Pounder fans have written to McDonald’s asking when will the QPC come back. The folks at McDonald’s decided to surprise them by inviting them to taste it first before the return of the QPC. Hmmm… You might want to write to them telling them what you want to eat?

This was the Quarter Pounder with Cheese that I had. I was very excited just before opening the box! I must have been really hungry. 😉

Quarter Pounder

I quickly grabbed the burger out the box! Then I remembered, I got to take photos first!

Did you notice where I placed my burger to take this photo?

On the tray liner! Do you know that the tray liners are food safe?
You can safely put your food on it. I know many people pour their fries on it like me. 

Quarter Pounder

Knowing that many people love their beef, McDonald’s has also made available the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese! Double the meat! That’s half a pound of meat. When they mention half a pound of beef, you know it’s half a pound of beef before cooking right?

The last time I had this was in California about a year ago!

Double Quarter Pounder

This next photo shows exactly how the Double QPC was, still sitting in the box, the burger untouched. I just ripped off the sides of the box to take this photo. This is exactly what you will get when you visit any of the 110 McDonald’s in Singapore.

Looking at this burger now, I am thinking if only they have sauteed caramelized onions in it! Do you think it will taste good with caramelized onions?

Double Quarter Pounder

The QPC is available now at $4.60 for the burger only and  $7.20 for the set meal.
The Double QPC is available now at $6.10 for the burger only and $8.70 for the set meal.

McDonald’s is running a campaign to ask their customers to cast votes to see if the QPC is more beefy or cheesy. Do you think Beef Rules! or Cheese Rocks?

Log on to www.facebook.com/mcdquarterpounder to vote. Every week 500 lucky voters will get a win a limited Beef Rules! or Cheese Rocks! QPC T-Shirt.

By the way, if you are craving for it now, you can order McDelivery!
Call 6777 3777 or surf to http://www.mcdelivery.com.sg/  They deliver 24/7!

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