Indian Food @ Bar Bar Black Sheep Coffee Shop

This is the Indian food that the rest ate while I ate the burger at Bar Bar Black Sheep. I am not sure of the name of the stall at all. This was what XLB, Kenny (the friend from KL) that Nic went to order.

The rest of us, just conveniently ate some of it!

The Palak Paneer. It’s Spinach and Cottage Cheese. The colour is a bit different from the usual ones, but the taste is similar. If you never tried it, we always think the cheese taste like the hard toufu (tau kwa) that the Chinese usually have.  😉

Palak Paneer

This is the Mutton Vindaloo.

Talking about mutton vindaloo. It’s what I used to have almost weekly while staying at the Halls of Residence in Melbourne! Oh, the taste is almost similar.

I suddenly miss the chef that cook for us at the Halls! That was in 1994-1996! The Halls outsourced the cooking to a catering company. I still remember the chef’s name. His name was Choksi and he told us he was previously with Hilton (really??) before joining that catering company. He said he joined the catering company to be based in the Halls because he gets free reign of the whole kitchen. He was of Indian descent and that’s where we got our fix of authentic Indian or Asian food in Melbourne! He only prepared meals on weekdays. On weekends we had other chefs from the same catering company. The weekend chefs were I think trainee pastry chefs. They made excellent pastries for desserts, but the mains, it was kinda disappointing.

We also found out a way to ‘manipulate’ the menu for our own benefit!. If we do not like some food the chef prepared, we would just all not have it. Let there be lots of leftovers. If we like something, we made sure we let the chef know! You know these chefs, they get hurt if they see no one touching the food they prepared. hehe.. sneaky eh?

Mutton Vindaloo

The Naan. The bread here is quite nice!

(added 14 March) Have you all heard about the new bread (naan) which Breadtalk is offering now? They call it “Naan-the-nay?” and some are not happy and am saying they are poking fun at some race.


The tandoori here is not bad at all. The people eating it seems to enjoy it! 😉

Tandoori Chicken

Oh yes, these Indian sauces goes very well with the thick fries we had from Smok’Inn Frogz Kitchen at the same place.

“The Indian Stall @ Bar Bar Black Sheep”
879 Bukit Timah Road (Cherry Ave)
Singapore 279892

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