Rong Guang BBQ Seafood @ Ulu Pandan Road

It’s been a long long time since we had dinner at Rong Guang. I know many of you say the branch at Alexandra village is better, but this place is nearer to our home and we have a nickname for this place. We call it ‘chao long gao’. (smelly drain in Hokkien). It’s like let’s go have dinner at Chao Long Gao. haha…

To set the record straight, this place is not smelly at all, we call it chao long gao because it’s beside a big long gao. (ie the huge monsoon drain / Ulu Pandan River)   I am sure you do too. 🙂

These photos are taken under moon light with no flash and partial lights from the street lamps, so pardon the ‘dark’ photos. 🙂

The dish for people with no teeth. Boh geh jiak tao geh. The bean sprouts and salted fish dish. We had the big portion because uncle likes tau geh! (no he is not boh geh hehe)

Bean Sprouts

We also had the sweet and sour pork. I think this was ordered for me, because I like it. 🙂

Sweet and Sour Pork

This dish is dedicated to blur blur people of the world. Sotongs for the sotongs.
Sambal Sotong. Always delicious! This is sis’s favourite.
(I have to say she’s not blur, just in case she reads this. hehe…)

Sambal Sotong

Our cousin’s favourite dish. She loves the Sambal Stingray here. We ordered the half spicy and half non spicy version. It seems that they now put the sambal in a bowl if you want it “half-half”.

BBQ Sting Ray

Aunt’s favourite dish. She likes cereal prawns.

Do you all have the habit of munching on the crispy cereal? Ya, it’s not a very healthy habit. :-p

Cereal prawns

Now this is dedicated to the ‘fools of this earth’. Fang Tong! That’s me.
“Must eat rice one”, especially if you eat the above dishes.

Peng Tang - Rice containers like me need to eat rice!

Always a hearty meal here. Prices that are not too expensive too. I think it was $71 for all of the above plus drinks for 5 persons and the usual taxes etc.

Rong Guang BBQ Seafood
301 Ulu Pandan Road
Singapore 596469

Tel: 6468 8290
Business Hours: 5:00 PM – 12 Midnight

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