Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuit @ Singapore Flyer

I was here with Momo today (Friday) because we are here for F1 practice race and we had the Singapore Flyer passes.

The only place that you can visibly see lots of people is at Popeye’s. Everywhere else seems quiet. So we just followed the crowd.

We had two kinds of meal. The Maxi Meal which almost every table is having. The other was the chicken meal with fries.

Our Popeye's Meal

Chicken strips were ok. The fries was also ok. Somehow the previous time we were here it was better. It just did not taste as nice as before.

Chicken and Fries

The maxi meal had a piece of fried chicken, 2 chicken strips, 2 drumlets, a biscuit and mash potato. It is either my tongue’s not sensitive to salt, or it is quite tasteless today. haha…

Maxi Meal

The mash potato was also a little light on taste. I was actually thinking of KFC which has nicer gravy. Sigh. What happened to the nice Popeye’s which we had in June 2008? If you compare the photos and what I journaled last time with what we ate today, it’s quite a contrast.

Mash Potato

The biscuits that used to have salty crust is also not salty. The chicken strips was the only thing that made us happy. Oh, maybe the softdrinks too.

We hope they buck up, if not, they might end up like most eating places in Singapore with an average shelf life of only 2 years.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Singapore Flyer
30 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039803 

9 thoughts on “Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuit @ Singapore Flyer”

  • hmmm…they look good. this is what i am missing from Indonesia as well. Real tasty junk food LOL Here KFC tastes nothing at all. It doesn't even taste chicken.

    No pepper, no salt. Nothing. Danes don't even have the imagination to create mash potatoes with gravy and sold them

  • Hey, that was the last thing we ate b4 departing from Changi Airport 🙂 Cant remember if it was tasty or not bec there was a heavy conversation traffic going on.

    Burger King is promoting a cheese burger with fries n a cola – all for € 1,95. Hubby wanted chinese take-away for his weekend treat n we paid 2x € 10,50 for a portion of fried noodles each (>_<)! We could hv many days of heavenly hamburger for the same price !

  • Oh I had the Maxi Meal just before the F1 races started. It was quite nice. The mash potatoes were so rich and creamy, with Cajun spices in the gravy. Put KFC's to shame!

    I guess the quality control koyak a bit during F1 activity!

  • the writer,
    haha.. you are craving greasy, salty stuff izit? :-p

    the strawberry preserve is for the biscuit.

    LOL.. Can you really survive on hamburgers for so many days?

    They used to be good. Maybe during F1 no quality control as Camemberu suggested. hehe..

    The ingredients can't get into the area? LOL…

    I remember their mash potato has had pieces of meat inside, like 'bak chor' like that. LOL

    Airport branch is better it seems.

  • I wont eat it all in one stretch lah ! Can freeze them n savour them in lean times what !

    Honestly tho, with autumn nudging in with cold drizzling days, after a long commute, I'm ready to eat anything that is instant satisfaction !

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