Thunder Tea Rice @ Food Repulic Suntec City

One of the healthiest lunch I had for the week. Thunder Tea Rice at Food Republic in Suntec City. I opted for the brown rice too!

I think they taste rather nice. Why? I like all the ingredients there. I think it’s a tad salty though.

Thunder Tea Rice

The ‘tea’ that makes this whole dish healthy. OK. I don’t really like this part of the lunch. I only drink 3/4 of it. hehe…

Thunder Tea Rice

Thunder Tea Rice
Food Republic Suntec City
Convention Centre
1 Raffles Boulevard,
Singapore 039593

8 thoughts on “Thunder Tea Rice @ Food Repulic Suntec City”

  • I am starting to fail lah at this… used to be able to take Lui Char but nowadays not so. No wonder I'm getting fatter and fatter, so unhealthy lah me. ๐Ÿ˜›You, on the other hand, please keep at this… A healthy diet & lifestyle for a healthy mind & body, right? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Happen to chance upon your blog on Thunder Tea. If u really love this, u should try the one at Boon Lay Shopping Centre's hawker centre. No, it is not an air-con shopping centre, but instead is just a building with many shops. Anyway the Thunder Tea stall is at a corner of the hawker centre. Go during lunch time, and u can find the queue. But dun hate me because u may end up only liking their thunder tea and nobody's else. (that's the reason for being anonymous)
    Their soup is different from those u have in food court. More aromatic and tasty.
    Do give it a try.

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