OldTown White Coffee @ Bukit Timah

Got a friend that has been going to this outlet to eat / study the last few weeks. Everytime he’s here, he’ll sms us to join him for the dinner part. Usually, I will be too lazy to get out and meet him for coffee.

Yesterday, I thought I should meet up. So, Momo, Sis and I met up with ‘Gorilla’. LOL

OldTown White Coffee

It was not only coffee today, it was for dinner. I had the Nasi Lemak Special. $5.50. Sis got the same thing. I get tempted by sambal. :-p

Nasi Lemak Special

They are quite generous with their kacang and ikan bilis and they have nice cold cucumbers.

Nasi Lemak Special

Momo and Gorilla had the Nasi Rendang Set. $7.90 Just replace the fried chicken, hard boiled egg, kacang and ikan bilis with a big chicken rendang that you get this.

Nasi Rendang Chicken

This photo does not show you the size of the chicken, but it is a huge drumstick.

Nasi Rendang Chicken

Gorilla must be hungry. After his Nasi Rendang, he ordered a Curry Chicken Toast. $6.50
The more we look at him eat, the more tempting his chicken curry drumstick becomes. But we were too full to eat it anyway. So gorilla enjoyed himself eating it while telling us stories.

Curry Chicken

The toast is the brown bread toast. 3 pieces of it.

Brown Toast for Curry Chicken

Oh, the usual drinks are ordered. White Coffee and Black Coffee. $2 each.

OldTown White Coffee
9 Yuk Tong Avenue
Singapore 596314

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