History of Char Kuey Teow @ National Museum of Singapore

Have you wondered how Char Kuey Teow originated? I have wondered and never knew anyone who had the answer. But last month while visiting National Museum of Singapore last week, I saw this at the “Singapore Living Galleries – Food” section.

This is their version of how it was first sold. I believe there are other versions.
(no citation etc.. so how we know right? haha..)

Hey, I think you should pop by to visit. The food section’s not very big and you don’t get to eat anything there, but it’s quite interesting to have a look at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

You can visit this website http://nationalmuseum.sg/ for info about timing and admission fees. (they have certain time of the day where it’s free). Also, from now till 15 Aug, you can visit the various museums in Singapore for free after 3 pm.

5 thoughts on “History of Char Kuey Teow @ National Museum of Singapore”

  • I suspect the curator is a health conscious person. It’s very hard to find CKT with lots of veg. But you know where to find CKT that comes with lots of cockles and ‘fried crispies stuff’. They are the ones with queues! LOL

  • Ah you went to the National Museum! I haf a peecher of nadine in front of that CKT poster! Honestly I’d never heard of green CKT until I read the poster. It’s the exception rather than the norm, methinks.Did you get to try the eateries there? Muse and Novus. I should try and go again. The museum is quite stylo nowadays.

  • Err..not sure whether the information about the Penang gourmet char koay teow with duck eggs and crab meat is correct. Being a Penangite, I have only eaten char koay teow with lots of lard, prawns and lup cheong, and minimal veg of course. That bit about green CKT is dodgy too. Hmm…

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