City Gas Singapore Chef Awards 2008 Competition Finalists

Oh man!! It was such a torture! There you are, standing in front of these delicious food, and yet cannot eat it!

All we got was a slip of paper to vote who deserves to be the Media’s Choice : City Gas Chef of the Year 2008 and City Gas Junior Chef of the Year 2008.

What’s this all about?

The City Gas Chef of the Year Awards is an opportunity to showcase new culinary talents and exchange ideas, as well as to create an all-new Uniquely Singapore signature dish. The competition welcomes the participation of the various ethnic groups in an effort to create cuisine inspired by different influences in Singaporeโ€™s melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. A โ€œJunior Chef of the Yearโ€ title was introduced this year to give up-and-coming young chefs below 23 years of age a chance to showcase their talents and hone their skills in this prestigious event.
(I just borrowed the words from their website at )

Let me tempt you as well. Who do you think deserves to be Chef of the Year?

This is the first half of it. Too many to post up.

Meanwhile you are read more about it at:

Don’t you feel hungry viewing them?

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