relish by wildrocket @ Cluny Court

A colleague ‘pirate’ has been asking when we want to go try Relish. We were extremely busy last week, none of us could spare any time off work, even our lunch hour. This morning when we came to work, we were IM-ing each other on yahoo asking, relish today? OK was the answer. There was 8 of us today.

It was a hot day today yah, but we were so glad we had nice air conditioning in here. It’s an old refurbished building with high ceiling. Looking at this somehow reminds me of Bill Granger’s restaurant called bills in Sydney.

We were hungry. What did we have? This place is known for its burgers. Burgers cost around $17 – $19 each. (comes with fries). Looking at the Set Lunch specials that has 2 or 3 course lunch at around $21.50 – $25.50

Our communal digs. Two bowls of onion rings.

We like the onion rings.

A few of us had the set lunches. This is the soup of the day, Green Pea soup.

You can choose the salad if you don’t like the soup. I had this Mesclun salad. It was light and crisp. The dressing fits it just nice.

The set meal also had a dessert, which is Coconut Ice Cream with Gula Melaka. It’s a shake basically. Coconut Ice Cream + Gula Melaka, that’s Chendol lah! (without the green bits).

The mains we had tomorrow lah….

relish by wildrocket
#02-01 Cluny Court (next to Serene Centre)
501 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 259760
Tel: 67631547

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