PeraMakan @ Keppel Club

We met up with other cousins and uncle and aunty for dinner on Saturday night. More food that sis has not tried. Peranakan Food. We met at PeraMakan at Keppel Club.

Somehow it started like an interrogation session to our sis future husband. LOL.
Anyway, that’s private info, the public info is what we ate. haha…
Babi Ponteh. We always love this. So tender and flavoursome.

The Meat Rolls cubes. Oxymoron? Haha.. Meat rolls that has been cut into cubes lah…

Sotong Sambal. Lovely.

This is the seafood tofu dish. Everyone loves this, it was gone in a flash!

Sambal Kangkong. We were discussing, how to differentiate this with the usual sambal kangkong. It seems that if its peranakan, it always have dried shrimps (hae bee) on it. Is it true?

We like hae bee. (But we found out that our future BIL does not eat hae bee. )

The chicken dish. We love the way it is done. We slurped all the gravy away!

The beef rendang. Somehow this time it seems to be lacking something. (We think its salt!)

Only in May we were told. The fishhead curry.

This is the saltiest dish of the night. Cincalok Eggs.
Cincalok is salty, so this dish is naturally salty. Salty, but addictive!

One of the reason we came here was because of the dessert too.
Stay tuned for the desserts tomorrow!

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