ieat Makan Session at Joe’s Kitchen @ Bukit Merah (Part II)

We had to much to eat that posting all the photos will be too much even to view on one day. LOL. We were really filled to the brim.

Next to be served was a plate of fried fish. Hmmm how do we eat it? (I think many of us were thinking, how ah? How to eat? What goes with what? People also dare ask too much, wait malu how? But our tables we were not malu, we just asked each other. haha…)

The fish pieces above are for this super fiery tom-yam soup. Innocent looking tomato-ish soup eh? Wait till you have it. 5 mins later, you get the satisfaction of a really warm stomach. (The weak ones will have to run for cover.. LOL)

You put the fish in the soup when you want to eat it so it stays crispy.

Next to come out was the beef green curry. The beef is the tenderized kind of beef. I personally do not like the kind of texture, some people like it. Those beef that taste like it has been ‘expanded’ kind of feeling. (not sure if you get what I mean)

I think my favourite for the night is this fish! Deep fried till it is crispy, and the super reddish sauce over it. I love it! The red sauce is not as spicy as you think. (yes you can see all the chilly seeds and all, but…) It is more tomato-ish in taste. I can just eat this and I am satisfied.

After the fish was out, we were told. Pace yourself! More food to come! WHAT?! More?

Yes, next came the Duck Red Curry. What you find inside are lots of fruits! Whole green grapes, pineapple, etc..

Next is basil leaves with minced pork. Very homely dish and very comforting. “Drazarael”, the person sitting beside us was especially delighted with this. You can see it on his face.

What Drazarael was waiting for the whole night finally arrived! The crab vermicelli. He is a die hard fan of ieat and he was describing all the postings by ieat.

The tang hoon has soaked up all the gravy from the crab.

When the dish came, we dugged right to the bottom of the claypot to search for the “fatty roast pork” that’s suppose to be under it. Drazarael said that it was described in ieat’s blog that this is the secret to the aroma of the dish.

The fatty pieces of roast pork at the bottom is suppose to melt and aroma of it permeates to the whole dish. We found 2 pieces of it. LOL. So we dug. Showing you here the proof of the roast pork. haha…

Then came the last dish. A very nicely done Kangkong with the ‘wok hei’ smell.

But wait! There’s more! 2 more actually. 2 desserts to come. While waiting for desserts, at our table, we were speculating what is coming up. We were thinking that is might be ‘mango with sticky rice’ and ‘red ruby’.

Well, our guess of the mango with sticky rice was correct! The mango is nice and sweet. The rice is savoury. We were just too full to eat the rice.

Then the last and finale. Thai Tapioca. I am not a tapioca person but I tasted it and hey, not that bad.

It was a wonderful night of eating. Especially if you do not know 90% of the people there. You sign up for the makan, arrive, pick a seat, sitting beside people you do not know, and chat and eat. We are quite crazy right? LOL…

So, if you want to try it out, you can head down to:
Joe’s Kitchen
Blk 125, Bukit Merah Lane 1
(Opp Alexandra Hospital)
11am to 3pm 5pm to 10pm
Tel : 62708484

Since Ikea’s kitchen that is nearby is closed for renovation and Anchorpoint is forever packed (because Ikea’s closed), you can head down one block down to this place to try it out. 🙂

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