Food Republic @ VivoCity

Yesterday’s lunch, was at Vivo City. (Just before going to the Arts House)

Eating at Food Courts presents you with many choices that sometimes drives you nuts! I actually walked 2 rounds before settling on what I wanted to eat. Do you walk round and round too?

Today’s post is not what I ate. It’s what Uncle, Cousin and Sis ate. The food all came from the same stall. Bak Kut Teh stall on the right side.

Uncle and Cousin shared two of this. Hmm it can pass a picky P5 girl taste buds, it should be good right? They shared a trotters dish.

And innards soup. Actually it does looks good right? Though I don’t like eating liver. I have phobia of them. Granny used to feed this to me when I was young. Urrghh…

From the same stall, sis had Bak Kut Teh.
It’s the peppery kind.

Another thing about Food Courts is, you can mix and match your food! If you like ‘You Tiao’, just buy them and add it to your bak kut teh!

Hope there’s no gloomy monday people around today!

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