Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ Bugis Junction (2)

Continuation from yesterday’s post….

We had this to share amongst the 6 of us. Sorry, did not really get the name, but it is wrapped with bacon and it taste not bad. It does not really look the same in the menu picture though. haha..

Uncle had this: Fried spaghetti with pork fillet in “hong kong” style. Looks very plain, but he says it is good. (except he is no pea eater… haha..) The pork fillet is mixed inside, the menu had it in a piece on top.

Cousin had braised chicken and potato with shanghai style veg rice.

The cousin we had not met for some time had Cheese baked rice with chicken chop.
He seems to enjoy it, so I guess it’s good.

This is what I had: Roasted honey spare ribs shanghai style veg. rice. Pretty decent.

Aunt had Shanghai noodle with minced pork and potato. She said it looked boring. haha..

Sis had HK stirred noodle with honey spare ribs. Very instant noodles right? I think most HK Cafe does this instant noodles thingy.

That’s it. Actually, I am now going to have some instant noodles after looking at the last photo above.

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