Raffles Creamery @ Raffles Hotel

If you have been following the last few day’s photos, right after dinner, we had ice cream. Raffles Creamery is just outside the door of Seah St Deli, in the courtyard.

Save me explaining, you can read it here:

The next few photos are smaller photos (for quicker loading) of the process of ‘tepanyaki-ing’ the ice cream.

Our friend ordered a triple scoop, so 3 scoops of ice cream here.

Mashing and chopping….

More violently as it goes…

Is it mixed well yet? Not quite… Add in the toppings….

Spread it all on the freezer pan to cool the mixture, and to mix is well.

Hmmm with the scrapper that the person is using, wonder if he had prior experience in the cement industry.

More chopping! And rounding it up into a lump.

The lump is then scoop into the cup.

The butterscotch wet topping on top to finish it up.

Here’s a video of them making the one I had.
Some exotic vanilla, gummy bears and granola cereal as toppings. I think it’s a good job for those who likes to vent their anger! haha..


Yes, all of us ate inside the Deli, it was just too warm outside.

Not the best ice cream you can get, but the fun / wah! factor is there.

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