PeraMakan @ Keppel Club

Today’s my sis’ birthday. After work, uncle and aunt picked us up and we went to have a birthday dinner. Our cousin said, we are going to Kepo Club. Huh? Kepo? haha.. It is a joke to mean Keppel Club. haha..

PeraMakan used to be in Joo Chiat, but has recently moved here.

Anyway, here’s what we had:
Beef Rendang. The beef is so soft and melts right in your mouth. Yum!

This is Penang Style Pork Ribs.
I love this best, I think I got soft spot for things cooked in Tau Jiu. Plus the meat is so so soft, it also melts in your mouth.

Sambal Ladies Finger.
My sis’ likes it very much.

Sis also loves to have brinjals.
This is the Brinjal dish.

Cousin likes Assam Fish, so this is what she called.

Uncle loves Sotong Bakar, so this is his dish.

More pictures, but am very sleepy, shall continue tomorrow….
Effects of eating too much, you become too sleepy. Maybe because we ate second helping of rice, because we like all the sauces haha…

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