Orange Juice (not from concentrate) with Pomegranate

It’s a very busy today, wanted to post last nite’s dinner, but am too tired to download the photos. Here’s a quick photo for today. This was me making some juices on a weekend morning.

Florida’s Natural orange juice with fresh pomegranate with lots of ice.
I had lots of pomegranate, but it seems to have sunk.

Are you all one of those people who only buys juices not made from concentrate? haha… One of the reasons we buy Florida’s Natural or Tropicana. Last year we discovered a HK brand that is also all natural juice and not concentrate, but can’t remember the name. It was quite nice too. We realise one of the brands will be on sale, so we buy that’s on sale that week. :-p

1 thought on “Orange Juice (not from concentrate) with Pomegranate”

  • If the HK brand you are referring to is transparent bottle, think its called “Real Fruit Juice”. The other one, not from concentrate is Golden Circle 😉

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