Wow Wow West @ Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre

Colleagues and I, after reading about this place decided that we should come and try it. So, here we are at Bukit Merah View Food Centre. We realise that they are two parts of the Food Centre. But we found it.

A very friendly lady asked us what we wanted, she assured us that everything is nice.

Yesterday we had some western food too, but we were deceived by the pictures. They had nice pictures but when the food was served, it was nothing like it, it was a total disappointment.

This stall also had deceiving pictures. Looking at the pictures on the board, it does not look very nice right? But WAIT! The real thing is better! I shall let the following pictures tell. We were not disappointed today.

I had the Chicken Cutlet. It’s huge. Comes with baked beans, coleslaw and thick fries. 2 of us ordered this, $4.50

Another 2 colleagues ordered the chicken chop. $4
Equally appetizing right?

One thing is the coleslaw comes in a huge portion and its cold too! Some places, the coleslaw has become room temperature if you know what I mean.

Another 2 colleagues ordered the Fish and Chips. $5

The prices are reasonable for its huge portions right? We were satisfied. The lady halfway through, also asked if we liked it. Interesting eh?

If you want to read about the story behind this stall, click here to read it.

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