Curry Fish Head @ Kopitiam beside Clementi West St 2 market

Errr, I don’t know the name of the kopitiam, but we have eaten here a few times. hehe.. I don’t know about you, but our family, we have nick names for different places to eat. Eg, Uncle Kopitiam and Aunty Kopitiam, Tua Long Gao (big drain) etc..

Well, this one is Orange colour kopitiam beside the Clementi West St 2 market.
Few nites ago, we went over to have dinner.

Ordered 3 things only. I like their Curry Fish Head very much. I can literally drink down all the artery choking curry!

This is Fan Su Yeh too. It’s different from yesterday’s post right?
I think its a diff species, and these are the very young shoots.

Need to eat more veg, so we ordered Kai Lan as well.

It sure was very satisfactory as the fish head is huge, it’s around 2 men’s palm size.
$32 for the 3 dishes above and 3 rice.

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