Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant : Gigantic Toasts & Stuff

Phew. Today’s blogger lets me load without any glitch.
Here goes…

The big huge thick toasts. This is butter and condensed milk.

This is the peanut butter version. Also covered with condensed milk. This is delicious!

We ordered set meals. Some sets come with soup. Cute little bowls.

Not sure what’s the name of this, but this is rice dish which colleague said is not bad.

Another 2 colleague ordered baked rice. This is the chicken that is baked on the plate separately from the rice.

3 of us ordered this dish. It’s spicy korean noodles. It comes with sausages, ham, 2 portions of the chicken wing, sunny side up egg, 2 slices of pink fish cake. We did not know it would be so big!

This is the side dish we ordered. Baked Cheesy Chicken Wings.
If we knew that we already have chicken wings in our noodles, we would not ordered and had to eat so much! But its delicious, the wings!

We also ordered a few kinds of drinks.

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