Keng Eng Kee Seafood : Colleague’s Back from Maternity Makan…

I work with a bunch of fabulous colleauges. Any occasion we can think of, we will “hey, that calls for a celebration, let’s go eat”.

Our dear colleague just came back from maternity leave, of course we go makan lah…
Some place not too far away, and definitely not too near. So we ended up here.

We ordered a 4 item cold dish.

Wanted something with “chai por” (pickled radish), so “lao ban niang” suggested this. Chai Por Tofu.

The happy mum wanted to eat Sweet and Sour Fish, so here it is.

Ordered also Marmite Chicken

The Duck Gang in our group wanted duck, so this is the sea cucumber and duck in claypot.

Of course must order veggies, so here it is.

Wonder, what’s the next occasion for celebration. haha…

5 thoughts on “Keng Eng Kee Seafood : Colleague’s Back from Maternity Makan…”

  • Wah…they still use acronym for their restaurant…muahahahha!I like the “hei cho” (prawn ball at 8 o’clock)?) on that cold dish).Next occasion…errr…celebrate move to new building lah! or celebrate liow? *lol*

  • Thanks for visiting my blog! I replied your comment there.I’m glad the thought of my ‘weight’ didn’t kill your appetite. Your blog’s cool — but reading it makes me hungry at all the wrong times. But still, hooray for good food!

  • The “Mingzhu Roll” is perfect!Tau pok skin stuffed with ham, mushroom,prawn,egg yolk etc. Served with mayonaise. Must try!

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