Have you been to the new Harry Potter foodcourt at Suntec?

We thought we walked into a library or bookshop. Then we realise, it’s yet another new food place by Food Republic.

It does look very Harry Potter-ish ya? This is situated where the previous Congress Kopi Tiam is, together with the buffet place which was later called Kuali.

Oops, I just called it Harry Potter foodcourt. haha..

Name of the stalls as book covers. So innovative.

Books for sale, or is it Pork Rib?

The library ends right here. You could see the clear separation. Not sure when it opened, but it must be these few days. Anyone know?

One of these days got to go back and try the food. I just took photos without eating! We just had a Indian Buffet celebrating our ex-CG leader’s birthday at Peninsula Plaza.

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