The Simple Life @ Wheelock Place

You know that getting a place to eat in Wheelock Place is mad during dinner time. However, there’s this place called The Simple Life that’s relatively empty.

Sis and I, tak boleh tahan, so hungry so we walked in here. If you see a long queue outside, it’s for Fish & Co, and not for Simple Life. You can just walk past Fish & Co. and it’s the shop that is inside.

My drink Bandung & Kiwi Seed. Interesting eh?

I had Rendang and Rice.

Sis had Bak Kut Teh. It comes also with rice and a super long ‘you tiao’.

OK lah. You know somewhere to go on a weekend when every other place needs to queue!
Photos a bit dark, because the place is dark dark kind. haha…

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