Heng Hua Food: Bee Hoon Soup, Chicken, Prawns in Bamboo, Dessert

The last of the series.

Here’s the Heng Hua Bee Hoon Soup. I prefer the dry version.

This chicken looks normal right? Is there anything Heng Hua to it? haha… But it’s delicious.

This is the Drunken Prawns in Bamboo cylinder. I think someone commented on the first day about it. Wonder if I am allergic to prawns? hmmm…

This is the dessert. White fungus, ginko nuts and red date. (note its singular. haha…)

What shall I post for the food tomorrow? I have only been eating plain porridge and pickled chai sim for the last 2 days. Poor thing eh…

6 thoughts on “Heng Hua Food: Bee Hoon Soup, Chicken, Prawns in Bamboo, Dessert”

  • that someone is me! Maybe the bamboo cylinder was not hygienic ? Wonder how many times it was re-used to plate those prawns…
    Such wood stuff, if not dried properly after washing, will “invite bacteria….
    hey, post plain porridge and pickeld chai sim lah….with ur superb photography, will be like restuarant version too :p
    Hope u recover soon!

  • Ooooh, bravo, now you are officially Singapura Daily Makan Photosssss, hehe.

    I saw a clam sell lurking in the 1st picture, I love little siput.

    Now about Drunken prawns, they are so good, but where can I get the bamnboo thingy leh?

  • keropokkkk, can you kindly put the name of the dishes ? hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ what’s that chicken taste like ? the meehoon looks like noodles one how come ?
    Thanks for answering, treat u next time ๐Ÿ™‚

  • tigerfish, maybe its not the food, it might be dust or something ๐Ÿ™

    RM, yes, posting lots of photos all in a day’s post now. hahah.. I dont’ know where to get bamboo stuff leh..

    Melting wok, err. Sometimes I forget the name of the dish leh, very sibuk makan, forget about it when I get back. haha…

    Chicken taste better than KFC. haha… How to describe? hmmm….

  • Hello. Just wanted to add – the “bee hoon” soup dish is probably Heng Hua Lor Mee. Which is made using the “chor” version of the rather special white henghua meesua.

  • Anon

    Thanks for the update. Ya, recently, I got more educated by mum about the different type of mee sua. We bought the thick version and she cooked it for us so we can remember ๐Ÿ™‚

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