Hans @ Buona Vista Community Club

This was one of our lunches this week. One colleague wanted to go CNY shopping, shopping for CNY goodies for the office! So we thought we would go to Hans for lunch, then walk next door to Fairprice, both at the Buona Vista Community Club. […]

Hans @ Buona Vista Community Club

We were going to have some Indian food at the Holland Drive market. Our office attendant said his uncle has a stall there and the food’s not bad, and ask us to patronize lah…. (No, she does not know we go around eating and take […]

Han’s @ Buona Vista Community Club

Colleagues and I ate at this Nasi Briyani place that we did not think was very good on Friday. We did not like what we ate there, so we thought we should comfort ourselves with some desserts to cheer us up. We ended up at […]