Haagen Dazs Ice Cream

Girls’ Day Out with Häagen-Dazs

Have you been to Häagen-Dazs recently?I was at the Holland Village shop and realised it has been decked up a bit!There are quite little sidewalk lights and pink banners around! A few guys (including me) were seen gate-crashing at Häagen-Dazs Holland Village for their Girls’ […]

Haagen Dazs @ Holland Village

It’s Momo’s birthday this week, and this was the after dinner dessert I had with Momo and her parents. For some (undisclosed) reason we decided we would not have dessert at where we ate. We thought we would go somewhere else. So, we went to […]

Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee @ Haagen Dazs Holland Village

Yesterday I promised to show you the picture of the coffee my colleague had. He said it’s two of his favourites in one! Vanilla Ice Cream and Coffee. It is called Affogato if you wanna order it next time. You are served a scoop of […]

Desserts @ Haagen Dazs, Holland Village

Today we had lunch at Holland Village, lunch errr was not really worth posting up. But we did stop over for some ice cream on the way back to the office. We have not stepped in here for so long, always choosing to go to […]